How To Cheetah Room Decor Wallpaper Border

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The Cheetah Room Decor

Use a wallpaper border cheetah room decor print as a starting point for a jungle-themed bedroom paper. If your child loves tropical rainforests and exotic animals, decorate your personal space with a theme that reflects their interests. Besides cheetahs, use other wild animals of the forest and foliage as inspiration when designing the bedroom. A jungle-themed bedroom with cheetah details may work for a child of any age.

Hang a border cheetah-print wallpaper to set the stage for a jungle-themed room. Place the border around the perimeter of the room directly under the roof to add the illusion of height. Decorate bed linen cheetah-print to create a cohesive style. Choose a quilt or quilt featuring a jungle scene with cheetah room decor, monkeys, parrots and palm trees. Place cheetah print accent pillows on the bed.

Add warmth to wood or tile floors with carpet cheetah room decor print. Place a large mat in the center of the room, or several small floor coverings throughout the space.  Hang natural bamboo blinds in the windows of a safari-inspired design. Choose a storage chest matching bedside comfortable and constructed of woven banana leaves. Installing a ceiling fan with leaves that resemble palm leaves. Hang a screened canopy over the bed of the child for real jungle look. Choose a canopy with mounting hardware; the net suspended from a single point above the bed.

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