How To Build Wooden Bunk Beds

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Beautiful Wooden Bunk Beds

When you need to maximize space due to the small size of the environment, in our case a small room, to give children the opportunity to move more easily or make a play area, the ideal is to enter into the room a bunk bed. There are many methods to achieve it; one of them is built wooden bunk beds.

To build wooden bunk beds, we need: wooden wall 4 pcs (200×6), wooden sleepers 4 pcs (180×20), wooden sleepers 4pz (70×20), screws robust, drill and screwdrivers, wire mesh with mattresses.

The first step, buy the necessary materials. The four feet beeches are then assembled together using all the wooden sleepers, by placing the foot of our bed in the correct position. Our bed wooden castle has now taken its shape so that, with a few finishing touches can be considered completed, it’s a wooden ladder that leads from the ground to the top of the bed, painting the bed, etc.

One last tip to build wooden bunk beds: at the top of the bed may be necessary to create a bank to keep the child in the move, during sleep, can fall into the bed.

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