How To Build Wine Cabinets IKEA With Shelves

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Wine Cabinets Ikea With Shelves

Wine cabinets IKEA – Simple, modular designs and relatively low prices make IKEA products frontrunners to modify and create new pieces of furniture, so do not feel suffocated if you cannot find the part you are looking for. If you want a cabinet keeps your favorite wine bottles and their glassware, for example, you’ll have to design and build it. Of course, some people would not have it any other way – if that’s you, then leave their tools and prepare to transform a common set of shelves in a matter of functional conversation. Mount a shelf Expedite IKEA – style two buckets by four cubes – according to the instructions and set vertically. While you could follow these plans for a horizontally aligned Expedite, which are capable of storing more bottles of wine if it is vertical.

Place a wine rack Vurm IKEA, which has four bottles on the side of Expedite with the screws that come with it. You can fit two Vurms, one above the other, along the top of the Expedite – attach two on each side so that it can store up to 16 bottles at once. Screw hanging wine glass racks at the bottom of the Expedite shelves.

Hanging wine cabinets IKEA glass glasses upside down from the base, so you do not have to worry about them getting knocked down. The top shelf of Expedite is about 2 centimeters thick, while the shelves inside are 5/8 inch thick, so use screws aren’t too long to drill these thicknesses. Insert your wine bottles in wine racks Vurm. Hang your glasses of wine cabinets IKEA hanging glass inside the Expedite. For extra style and organization cabinet devote each cube to a different type of drinks.

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