How To Build Solid Wood Bunk Beds

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Elegant Solid Wood Bunk Beds

For rooms with little space there is nothing better than berths plus the little fascinated. If we are breaded something we can build ourselves. To make a wooden bunk we must consider that the most important is to have a strong structure that is able to stand firm and support the weight of two people, its solid wood bunk beds.

To build solid wood bunk beds, can use pine or oak and screws, drill, metro, screwdriver and saw. We measure properly ready and leave some extra inches to measure the mattress between smooth and bedding. Then, mark the cuts will do to saw into the slats, so that we get a rectangle. With this we have the basic structure of the bed and then do the headboard and footboard to mount and connect the other bed.

To complete the beds we would need the bedsteads to small tables and a ladder to help climb to the top bunk. Finally, to build solid wood bunk beds, put a bed on top of each other with just make a hole in the center of each corner of the foot board and headboard and we’ll blocks to anchor the upper bed.

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