How To Build Kids Bunk Beds With Desk

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Kids Bunk Beds With Desk With White Curtain

There are homes that have little space and require owners to reorganize furniture; these results in a family of four living in an apartment with two bedrooms have to reorganize and maximum use of space to live. This is one of the situations that cause the need for use kids bunk beds with desk.

Instructions to build kids bunk beds with desk: the first step, pointing the exact measurements of the room where it will be installed. Buy the cabinet and start unpacking the woods and screws modular pieces that do not mix with each other and then have to remove everything. Start with the main structures of the bottom, where it will go a bed with large drawers at the foot of the bed will be followed by a table that will be the writing desk. Under the desk put a couple of drawers. Then, place a thick planks side to screw the upper structure of the bunk. To complete the cabinet, add a few cabinets.

The next step to build kids bunk beds with desk is to place elements like the staircase and shelves that are hung on the wall. Check and tighten all screws. Clean the entire structure. Place textile accessories to beds and items needed.

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