How To Build IKEA Pantry Cabinet

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IKEA Pantry Cabinet Ideas

IKEA pantry cabinet – All homes it is more organized with a well structured kitchen pantry. It becomes much easier to do food shopping, planning meals and cooking for family and guests to the pantry is well prepared. The purpose of a utility is to store food in an open, where everything is easy to find. In building your pantry allows enough space to install many shelves, organizational boxes and compartments, so you can view the food easily.

Demarcate the space; find an area that measures at least 1.80 m² for your IKEA pantry cabinet. Design the cabinet to have shelves in parallel on both sides of the floor to the ceiling, with a central corridor to be used as a passage. Leave about 70 cm in the middle aisle, to provide adequate space for the transport of food to be stored. Also, leave a space for the door to be installed in the central part in front of the pantry, which is at least 70 cm wide as well.

Frame the IKEA pantry cabinet, check the ceiling area with chalk and ruler carpentry. Cut the boards 5 x 10 cm and attach the perimeter boards in the rafters with 7 cm nails. Check the ceiling or attic to ensure that no electrical wiring cross the places where you are preaching. Build a frame with centralized nails 45 cm to put in the closet. Align the entire vertical wall with carpentry leveling tool.

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