How To Build Full Bunk Beds For Adults

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Unique Bunk Beds For Adults

If you need to provide for several bunk beds for adults in a limited space, you may want to install a full size bed bunk. However, the prices of furniture in place, you may not want to pay hundreds of dollars to buy a bunk bed prefabricated.

Fortunately, you can build bunk beds for adults’ robust model. Cut eight beams, 4 by 4 by 33 inches. Drill a hole of an inch, ½ inch in diameter, in the exact center of the upper end of four of the bedposts. Drilling a hole 1 1/16 inch, ½ inch in diameter. Drill two holes in one of the posts of the lower bed. Make every whole centered bedpost, one inch deep and an inch in diameter at a height of 11 1/3 inches and 12 2/3 inches from the bottom of the bedpost.

Pin of the beams together 75 inches with two poles of the lower bed, using the holes that have been drilled. Add bunk beds for adults with guardrail on the top bunk screwing wood, installation of decorative pieces cover the top of the poles of the upper bed, sand the sharp corners to avoid injury, put a staircase, and so on.

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