How To Build Bunk Beds For Girls

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Awesome Bunk Beds For Girls

Build bunk beds for girls of each sleeve cheap affordable PVC. Easily decorated with paint, ribbon, tulle and other real furniture, this artistic creation is extremely durable and requires absolutely no maintenance.

With bunk beds for girls, girls will enjoy the versatility of easily removable decorations. As girls grow and their interests change, the actual decorations can be replaced with older features.

Spray paint all segments of PVC pipe in the desired color to bunk beds for girls and let dry each piece before construction. Mount 75-inch section using T connectors for connecting an 18-inch segment on each end of a segment of 39 inches. Repeat to create another section of 75 inches. Mount a 40-inch section through the use of T connectors for connecting a 12-inch segment on each end of a segment of 16 inches.

Build the intermediate layer 3 between the base and the bottom of the mattress platform. Insert segments of 12 inches on all connectors upwards. Corner connectors place four-way on top of the tubes in each corner of the rectangle. In the long sides, place the five-way connectors with the openness towards the opposite edge of the rectangle. In the shorter sides, place the four-way cross connector.

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