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Bench storage IKEA – A bench storage range is a popular piece of furniture that offers seating and a convenient parking area as he dressed. With the construction of the bench as a chest hinged, storage is added out of sight from the list of features. This project is suitable for the beginner to intermediate carpenters and should not take more than an afternoon to complete. Plans are for a bench storage IKEA to go with a full size bed 30 inches tall. Adjust the dimensions of wood in your case to suit your own bed. Place two 24-inch beams and two 27-inch beams in a box with 27-inch beams into beams 24 inches. Glue in place with a thin layer of wood glue. Reinforce with two wood screws 3 inches, driven through the face of the beam 24 inches and the end of the beam 27 inches. Repeat step one to build a second end section. Place the two end sections with 51-inch beams at each corner, the ends of the beams 51 inches butt faces of wood in the end sections. Glue in place, then reinforced with wood screw 3 inches on each corner.

Set the box so that it faces 30-inch height form the sides of the frame, with 24 inch forming the top and bottom faces. Enhancing the sides of the frame 54 inches by inserting a beam of 27 inches on center in each. Glue in place and reinforced with wood screw connection, as it did with beams of 51 inches. Add bottom and sides set a 30-inch sheet of wood 24 inches at one end of the box so that its edges are flush with the edges of the frame. Glue in place. Strengthen the glue with a 1 1/2 inch wood screw in each corner and one 1 1/2 inch wood screw into the center of each edge.

Repeat step one to mount the other sheet of wood 30 24 to the opposite shore. Set a 30 inch sheet of wood 54 inches along one long side of the box, its edges flush with the frame. Glue in place. Reinforced with a single wood screw 1 1/2 inches on each corner, a wood screw in the center of each edge 30 inches and six wood screws evenly spaced along each edge 54 inches. Repeat step three to mount the other sheet 30-by-54 to the opposite side. Roller frame to expose the underside of the bench storage IKEA. Set a 24-inch wooden blade 54 inches at the bottom, with their edges flush with the frame. Glue in place and strengthen as did the sheets of wood in steps three and four. Roll the rear frame upright.

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