How Much Fabric To Reupholster A Queen Sofa Bed

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Queen Sofa Bed Replacement

Queen sofa bed – Furniture queen sofa bed can be expensive. For the calculation of the substance must reupholster a queen sleeper sofa, the goal is to buy enough fabric plus 10 percent extra for accessories or future repairs. It is useful to learn the names of the different bed sections and to understand how to measure these sections. Making the scale pattern pieces is simplified with the use of graph paper.

Furniture fabric is printed in the top of the pattern perpendicular to the junction (bottom) edge, which is the lengthwise grain. This allows a long piece of cloth to be arranged horizontally along the inside of the back of a queen sofa bed. Using the graph paper and using the same scale of one to 6 inches square. Creating a piece of paper that represents 16 meters of fabric. Sixteen meters is a typical amount of fabric for a queen sofa bed.

If the fabric to reupholster a queen sofa bed is 54 inches long, the paper will be nine squares by 96 squares. Place the pattern pieces on this “substance” with the banks of the pieces that run along the 96-inch length. Move the patterns around so they fit on the paper with a square between each. Count the number of squares along the long edge of ‘substance’, which you have used. Multiply this number by six and divide by 36 to determine the base yardage required. Add 20 percent for stitches, binding, pattern matching, future repairs and, if necessary, add 4 yards for a skirt.

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