Haven’t IKEA Vinyl Record Storage Make Vinyl To Something

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IKEA Vinyl Record Storage Ideas

IKEA vinyl record storage – Vinyl is a common material in electrical conductive band due to the elasticity and resistance to electricity. Trim the edges of cardboard boxes with scissors and flatten them. Place a vinyl sheet over the protective cardboard layer. Place a ruler on the vinyl sheet and cut 1-inch wide strips of vinyl, with a knife.

Forget the IKEA vinyl record storage, as recommended by Electrochemical Science, pour 2 cups of plasticizer in a container. The plasticizer gives elasticity and softness to the adhesive solution. It prevents the glue cures at room temperature. Pour 3 cups of electrical-grade liquid silicone rubber into the container. The silicone rubber is the adhesive which the vinyl adheres to the desired surface. The silicone should not contain acetic acid which damages electrical wires and conductors. Instead, use of silicone rubber which contains aluminum oxide.

Place the material in a mixer and mix the solution to the slowest setting for 12 hours. Brush a thin layer of adhesive solution for the lower layer of the vinyl strip. Wrap the cut vinyl records around the toilet paper roll for easier storage and access. Apply the vinyl and glue to the desired area. Wrap the area complete with layers of vinyl. Cover all areas to protect yourself and the unit of electric current. That something you have to do if you haven’t IKEA vinyl record storage.


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