Guideline To Skeleton Key Wall Decor

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Skeleton key wall decor – Seeing his collection of keys an outdated room for decorating your room is provided. Cut a length of narrow ribbon measuring 12 to 36 inches to hang the key in his window. The length depends on your window and how long you want the key to hang out in front of her. Insert one end of the tape in the back section of a large wrench. Tie the ribbon ends in a knot. Hang the key in the center of a window to draw attention to the large size and design. A clear marker is effective in securing the loop to the window frame.

Display a collection of various keys in a shadow box. These are available in a variety of sizes. Use hot keys to add box permanently or hook and loop discs supported peel-and-stick adhesive for temporary placement. Hammer small nails in the wall to hang a grouping of keys. Alternate skeleton key wall decor heights on the wall to create interest. Form a loop with the recording gold by inserting one end into a hole in the key and tying the ends together in a knot. Cable length depends on where you want to hang. Place the loop at the bottom center of a shutter used as a slap on the shade. Cut raffia ribbon on a length of 12 inches. Pass in the key hole and then tie the ribbon of raffia into a bow on the handle of a wicker basket. Allow the skeleton key wall decor to hang on the outside of the basket.

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