Great Porcelain Floor Tiles

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Beautiful Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain floor tiles – The porcelain floors are an excellent coating made ​​of high quality ceramic, subjected to high temperature treatment and pressures higher than those used in producing conventional ceramic compaction. This makes it very tough and therefore is ideal for high traffic floors and areas where more stringent technical specifications for hardness, high strength, low porosity and low water absorption combined excellent aesthetic qualities are required.

The porcelain floor tiles are used in department stores, hospitals and high traffic areas for its strength and beauty. Being manufactured at such high temperatures and treated with latest technology have an excellent ability to resist abrasion. They are floor that endure everything, ideal if you want a floor that will last and stay without much care. The porcelain floor is the best we can find in the market as it adapts to different uses besides domestic, commercial and industrial.

There are two types of porcelain floor tiles, those composed of a single mass and enameled. The former have higher wear resistance because it’s base surface and are composed of the same material. The latter are, however, those with a porcelain base and its surface is covered by high strength different glazes. The porcelain stoneware is ideal for high traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom and entrance doors. Its resistance is larger than the marble.

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