Great Ideas Platform Bed With Storage

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Platform Bed With Storage Staircase

Platform bed with storage – platform bed is a great solution for a bedroom that is tight on space, but need more beds. Design your own platform bed gives you the flexibility to create a bed that fits perfectly in your space. Homemade platform bed may differ from the size of a traditional bed. Be creative with your design. A professional woodworker will help you determine whether your ideas are structurally possible and can help find an alternative if necessary.

To use a platform bed with storage you do not need to have two incorporated beds or sleep two children. To add an element of design or save space, you can use platform beds structure for the upper bed, but underneath place a desk, sitting area or playground instead of another bed. This makes excellent use of vertical space when the square footage is limited, and gives the child a fun, canopied space for homework or entertainment.

Another idea for the platform bed with storage style is to use the area under the bed as an open closet. Parents can attach hangers for clothes or a place bureaus and dressers in the space below to store clothes and toys, especially in rooms without closets.

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