Great Ideas Of Rustic Western Decor

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Decorating your home in rustic western decor can range from small touches of the Old West to a recurring motif cowboy Western-style furniture and overall decor. Determine how you want authentic western decor of your home, and then begin exploring the elements you need in thrift stores, shops and boutiques of modern cowboy style food.

Western rustic fabrics are all natural and generally rooted in the cotton industry. Use muslin or flannel fabrics like calico, graph or patterns of tiles for rustic western decor. Avoid large amounts bright white and pure black. Remain in place with shades of brown, orange, blue, red and green.

Heavy wood with low gloss clear varnish is one of the pillars of Western rustic motif. Choose furniture that looks weathered wood or distress yourself with a kit of wood, steel wool and similar treatments to artificially age the look.

Use a nature theme for its rustic western decor cabin. Depending on which part of the West you are in this may mean elk, deer and coyotes and cactus trees or pine. Choosing textiles kitchen and bathroom with these animal themes, then decorate the whole house with dried flowers and branches. Animal heads and skins preserved also fit the theme.

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