Glass Mosaic Tile Design Ideas

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Awesome Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass mosaic tile – Glass mosaic tile installed as a backsplash, Installation of mosaic tile takes three days most kitchens. Choose tiles in a variety of colors that complement your existing kitchen decor. Prepare the wall by sanding down any rough spots, remove the nails, fill the holes with Spackle and a putty knife, remove outlet covers and remove the oven.  Measure the distance from the top to the top in the space where the stove is usually fit.  Mix and apply thinset mortar by means of the smooth side of a 3/16-by-1/4-inch V-notched trowel. Your thinset should be 1/4 inch thick. Place your first glass mosaic tile sheet on your starting point. Tap the tile in place with the bottom edge to rest on the diary or counter-top.

Adjust adjacent panels, so they’re a little closer than the joints, but not touching.  Half an hour after application of the thinset you should be able to easily adjust the tile, if needed, and it is a good time to remove the paper facing of the tiles. Remove the paper backing several times during the installation process by keeping track of how long thinset has cured by different areas of the backsplash.  Wash the glue residue with a sponge or soft brush. Clean the tile with a sponge and pure water until no grout remains on the surface of the glass mosaic tile.

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