Garden Fence Ideas Choosing Style

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Garden Fence Ideas Rustic

Garden Fence Ideas – Nowadays, there is a great diversity of garden fences in the market. You can find them in different ways, materials, heights, colors, etc. The choice will be based, mainly, on the use you want to give it. The decoration of the fence will influence the aesthetics of the garden, the same fence model can look totally different. Wire Fence. In more than one dwelling, this type of fences composed of interwoven wires is placed.

Although they are not very showy, if you pretend to have a high fence, it is one of the best options. If you want intimacy, you can let a few vines grow on them that will also provide shade. Garden fence ideas with a vertical garden. If the structure of the support supports a certain weight and also has a slit or surface to hang pots, you can revise them to create a garden area on the fence itself. In this case, they have chosen small flowerpots with rain-fed plants placed vertically.

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The wooden fences are the most common.  They are very decorative and offer the possibility of being decorated in multiple ways. Frame recycled vases. These garden fence ideas would not tell us anything but have ornaments. The garden is one of the areas of our home that best lends itself to being decorated with recycled elements. Decorate the fence with figures made with wrought iron.

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