Futon Sofa Bed Instructions

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Convertible Futon Sofa Bed And Lounger

Futon sofa bed is the classic dorm furniture, mainly because of its unique design that makes them can be converted from couch to bed in a few steps. Because of their ease of use and the fact that manufacturers are starting to make them more comfortable to sit in, futon making their way into ordinary homes more. There are several different design types for futons, but none of them makes the conversion to hard beds.


Pull the backrest on the futon forward until you hear a click, and then press it all the way down until the futon is flat. Extend support pieces on the rear of the futon if it has them, and then start using your futon sofa bed.

If your futon does not alter this manner, proceed to step 2. Pull the front of the futon mattress frame forward while pressing the backrest down. The futon starts converting; continue pulling and pushing until the mattress is flat. If your futon does not alter this manner, proceed to step 3. Click on the backrest forwards and backwards, and then drag the frame in front of the mattress up and toward you. When each side is about a 45-degree angle, press both sides straight down until the futon mattress is flat. Your futon sofa bed is now ready for use.

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