Functional Commercial Door Stops

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Commercial door stops, also called door stopper are devices designed to control oscillation of a door and prevent damaging walls or banging. Door stoppers are commonly seen in both homes and businesses. There are two types of plugs are commonly seen doors, which protect the walls of the door and keeping the door closed.

Commercial door stops come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Normally they found slightly above ground level near the outer edge of the door away from the wall. There plugs hook style door which can be screwed or bolted to the floor or wall socket. Also plugs spring style door, which are screwed to the wall. Kick-style booth door stops are attached to the door and can be put anywhere. Most stops are two or three inches tall / long and have rubber-based or plastic-tipped ends slammed the door instead of the wall.

Commercial door stops in front of the door kept slamming closed. This can be used to keep the door open while you are using it or prevent children’s fingers from being slammed into a heavy door. Many schools use stoppers to keep the doors open classroom. A doorstop can also be used to prevent a door that closes automatically closing and locking.

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