Fresh Concrete Floor Tiles Outdoor

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Patio Concrete Floor Tiles

Concrete floor tiles – printed concrete is one of decorative techniques outside of greater height. Although it has been applied for more than 30 years ago, it is now when reaching a wider application, by expanding range of textures and colors that allow along with hardeners, sealants, paving system attractive and pleasant, strong and durable.

Concrete floor tiles is a very good option to renew or rehabilitate soils, or create a new pavement as it has superior characteristics that are required for any tile . It is simple and quick to apply, it is much more resistant to shock, abrasion and acid attack and its surface is not permeable to fats and oils, easy maintenance and easy customization.

For application first it extends and levels concrete base, a fresh concrete floor tiles enriched with different types of fiber such as polypropylene, glass, steel or reticular steel mesh as appropriate, then incorporating a hardening surface layer and red-based silicas , cements, resins and pigment. Then it acting on concrete in a plastic state, a non-stick product projecting and textures stamping is done by different designs of molds with shapes which can reproduce noble, stone and ceramics. Finally, cleaning and washing surface with pressurized water to remove debris is carried out, and a resin or lacquer sealer, which can be colored or not depending on effect to be obtained is applied.

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