Frame Metal Backsplash Tiles As Wall Art

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Copper Metal Backsplash Tiles

Metal backsplash tiles – Framing ceramic backsplash tiles as wall art has become fashionable in recent years, especially for tiles that go together in a mural series. The idea can also be transferred to metal backsplashes as a smart way to create wall art. Whether metal backsplash be a thin embossed sheets, a bas relief image centered on a metal tile, or a series of sleek, metal tiles with different textures that frame parts of a metal backsplash can be relatively easy and a great way to add a modern look to a room decor.

Cut four pieces of pre-mitered wood frame using measurements of the metal backsplash tiles piece you want to frame. Glue and staple the four corners of the frame together. Shoot staples in what is usually on the front of the frame. Turn the frame around so that the back is now in front.  Nail a hanging hook on the back of the frame with finishing brads.

Cut a piece of 1/4 inch wood backing to fit mitered effort in the frame. Lim metal backsplash sheet or a series of tiles on wood backing with tile mastic adhesive. Allow to dry overnight. If you use a single metal tiles, you do not have to glue it to a substrate.  Draw a line of caulk around mitered inserted into the wooden frame. Drop the glued backsplash and board in the frame. Hang your metal backsplash tiles as wall art.

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