Fleur De Lis Wall Decor

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A fleur de lis is a stylized flower pattern associated with the French monarchy. Garnish with the Regio symbol seeks an ordinary room give the royal treatment. When decorating the room with a theme of fleur de lis, choose a sophisticated scheme to complement black or neutral tones and white. Take a sober approach and avoid a messy appearance when upgrade the room with intricate flower designs lis – about Accents go a –Fleur De Lis Wall Decor long way.

Paint  fleur de lis wall decor the bedroom walls in a neutral tone, such as white, cream or gray brown to compliment a decorating scheme of the lily. Add interest by hanging a black lily flower border and white printed directly under the roof. Cover the bed with a white comforter or bedspread with black fleur de lis designs. Choose bedding with a fleur de lis in the center, or several along the fabric.

fleur de lis wall decor with hardware fleur-de-lis-inspired. Updating a dresser, desk or bedside table by replacing boring shooters versions wrought iron fleur de lis shape. Hanging clothes, jackets and robes wall hooks wrought iron Enhance the room with accessories with designs of lily. Lamps illuminate the space with fleur de lis shaped bases and coordinating wall sconces. Suspend a chandelier shaped roof fleur de lis. Organizing books by delimiters lily.Add dynamism to the fleur-de-lis-themed room using a tone, like pink or red, supplementing scheme or neutral black and white. Place a plush carpet, colored hardwood floors or tile game and hang curtains. Improve bed with decorative pillows of pink or red color and a matching shot.

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