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Modern IKEA Farm Sink

White clad furniture allowing the base material to look through, resulting in a rustic-inspired finish. Also known as stripping or washing with milk, the “white” in laundry is somewhat misleading, because you can use a colored product to obtain a similar effect. Always work in a well ventilated area and give the finish enough time to heal before handling the newly updated element or wall.

White clad furniture with a latex stain; quick drying, low smoke, it adds a satin effect surfaces. Dilute the stain with water or buy a spot labeled as “pure.” Apply the product with a brush, let stand and wipe off excess. Working in small sections and time managing your work so that the stain is about the same length of time in each zone. Get the same effect with oil stain; but first, thin with turpentine or paint thinner to obtain the desired opacity.

Seal white clad furniture with a low brightness of varnish, polyurethane oil. Use oil-based finishes for wood white-oil paint or stain, and water-based topcoats for water-based washes. Brick top with a layer of acrylic or polyurethane finish, especially if you bleached with paint. Topcoats tend to darken whitewashed brick, so keep that in mind when imposing the original finish, to go lighter as you want with diluted paint or stain.

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