Find Out Barn Door Furniture

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Tendency or revival? Who knows? What is a fact is that barn door furniture, are already recovered or newly manufactured; they are increasingly present in decoration of houses and flats. Besides its undeniable appeal, advantage of being ads sliding, this saves a lot of space. origin of barn doors can be found in gates of barns of American farms, usually two sheets of wooden planks, with transoms crossed. Above, we show a modern recreation of this unique style, with one addition: orange lacquer.

more purist version found in image, where a magnificent recovered barn door furniture (or block and / or stable), held by two guides that slide on a bar. door fits perfectly in this room of cottage style modern country.

By way, what “barn door furniture” is a broad term that allows multiple versions like this. Here are recycled pickled wood interior doors, thanks to a simple sliding mechanism with a top bar and rings, and a rodines at base for easy movement. Order a reproduction of a barn door is a possibility if access is not original. For this home, a performed classic and simple design, which was used in American oak? In this case, guides go on a steel strip at top.

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