Find Out About Modular Carpet Tiles

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Gray Modular Carpet Tiles

Modular carpet tiles – are in each tile and are an alternative to traditional blankets. Available in various colors, fabrics and patterns, these tiles easily arranged and rearranged into a pattern or characters that you want. Modular carpeting offers a variety of advantages and disadvantages of your home.

If you have an open floor plan of your home, modular carpet tiles can help you create zones between different living spaces such as dining area and lounge. You can choose a more durable carpet tile dining area and a softer carpet tile to living room without a nasty participate strips and fringed edges that traditional rug would require when adjacent to two different rugs.

Modular carpet tiles can be installed in three ways. Dry-backed carpet tiles using double-sided tape to hold tile in place. Self-adhesive tiles only have a sticky bottom protected by a cover that you pull off. Other modular carpet titles are held down by their own weight, which means that you can use them without damaging existing stone, ceramic or vinyl flooring. However, carpet tiles not placed on existing carpet, underlay or cork. A disadvantage of modular carpets is that their pile density — extent of yarn pile per cubic yard– are generally smaller than traditional carpets sense carpet does not feel as luxurious or thick as traditional carpets and may wear out faster.

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