Filing Cabinet IKEA Table Ideas

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Filing cabinet IKEA – Using file cabinets to make a few advantages a table: you get the additional storage of filing cabinets, and construction is very simple. Use filing cabinet IKEA, which are the right height for the table you want – around 28 to 30 centimeters high is usually ideal. If you use a ready flat panel door for the tabletop, you won’t have to do any cutting at all, and you can assemble your filing cabinet IKEA table in no time.

Paint your two file cabinets and the door will be used as the table if desired. Painting the table elements separately much easier than painting the table once it is mounted. Let all parts dry thoroughly. Insert an angle bracket about 4-5 cm from each corner of the boxes on the sides.  Mark the screw positions for the brackets with a marker and remove the brackets for the moment. The pilot hole should be dimensioned for plugging your chosen screws; the screws should be long enough to go by your filing cabinet IKEA sides.

Secure the mounting brackets back into position and then pop into a screw anchor in each hole before attaching the brackets with screws through the holes in the plugs. Place the two filing cabinets where you want to go to the table, wide enough apart so that the door table will fit between them by about 10 centimeters on the outside of each filing cabinet IKEA. Place the door on the cabinets. Attach the door to the cabinets with screws driven through the holes in the horizontal arm of the angle brackets at the bottom of the door.

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