Fashionable Subway Tiles Kitchen

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Subway tiles kitchen, a trend that is becoming increasingly fashionable. The subway tiles are tiles that do not stop for a couple of years in housing and local ago. I personally love by design, for its originality and above all because they provide plenty of light to areas where they are used. It is a rectangular format coating, which is usually cut and which is enameled.

As neutral can be combined with virtually any material and any color. And they can be used both for cooking and for the bathroom. Is a tile whose name refers to the tiles that lined the walls of subway stations in New York in the early twentieth century? Subway tiles kitchen trace their origins to 1904, when the New York subway opened to the world. He clothed all the walls, giving a brick-like but with a more personal aspect.

Subway tiles kitchen is simple, elegant and durable piece. If you like the more rustic style, you can choose natural wood countertops, untreated, where the knots are visible. But hey! Such woods are very delicate and must be very careful if we choose to use them. If you’re a fan of the industrial look, just combine this with dark tile wall units, preferably in graphite and choose a good lamp keeping with the style.

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