Fashionable Outdoor Carpet Tiles

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Today in our space we want to provide ideas outdoor carpet tiles. Carpet tile is a textile floor covering recalling carpet but with some additional features such as reverse, structure, type of installation and many others. We will present main characteristics and manufacturers of carpet tiles.  Carpet tile is, instead of traditional carpet, available in square format and above unit.

As most floor coverings, outdoor carpet tiles consist of several layers. Upper layer is called a “wear layer”, latter is composed of fibers and a backing layer. fiber materials also vary, so it is possible to provide carpet tiles tell “natural” virgin wool, jute, goat hair or cotton. Other carpet tiles are made ​​from synthetic fibers such as nylon, durable and economical, polypropylene, or nylon revolutionary ecological thread.

In addition to compositions of outdoor carpet tiles are many and varied; floor loose carpet tiles have different structures and manufacturing processes. Most common is Tufting through which fiber carpet tiles are secured in support layer using a needle, which will get loops of slab. Last layer is called reverse of plombante carpet tile. Most common materials used are bitumen, vinyl or non-woven polyester. It is this coating, which gives its strength and durability to carpet tile.

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