Fascinating Wood Floor To Tile Transition

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Uneven wood floor to tile transition between floors can create a hazard in your home. If transition from a wooden floor to another floor, wood floor or even different thickness, leaving a space between two surfaces or thicker than necessary using transition strips can cause people stumble and fall. Elderly or those with poor eyesight may have difficulty navigating the transition due to the lower depth perception. A good transitions can make your home more attractive and safer for your guests and family .

Your hardwood floor in another material that is almost the same height in wood floor to tile transition requires a strip of molding. These strips can be rounded or angled at the top to create a smooth transition in and out of the height of the strip itself. A short stalk down the “T” under the molding and helps to position the strip between the two flooring materials.

If smoothest transition possible chooses the same color molding its wooden floor and a rounded, instead of an angle, Top. For a bolder wood floor to tile transition, select a paint molding and paint the same color as the accent wall or cut in one of the adjoining rooms.

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