Fascinating IKEA Platform Bed

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IKEA Platform Bed Frame

IKEA platform bed – You can create an indoor playground for your kids by incorporating it in platform bed. length of platform beds should be longer than a traditional bed size. Connect a hammock chair and a slide through end of bed. extra length of bed will give Hammock chair room to swing without hitting lower bed. Low posts of bed goes up to ceiling; attach monkey bars across top platform parallel to ceiling.

monkey bars will be supported by bedposts and can also be fixed to ceiling for additional support. Adding a ladder to side of bed; next to ladder has knotted rope as an alternative to climbing to top platform. Using end of IKEA platform bed and adjacent wall to create an indoor rock face. Closed platform bed for normal specs. Make sure foot of platform bed is solid.

Create a rock face at end of IKEA platform bed and on wall next to bed. Rock wall to be used to gain access to upper platform in place of a traditional platform increase. Include place in bottom of platform bed and rock face of a mat to cushion a fall. If you want a staircaseĀ on side of your platform bed, you can try to use wide climbing holds instead of ladder rungs.

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