Fascinating History White Ceramic Subway Tile

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White ceramic subway tile type appears in our lives in 1904 with opening of New York subway. Creation of this piece is given to architectural firm Heins & LaFarge, led George Lewis Heins and Christopher Grant LaFarge, related to famous John LaFarge stained glass artisan. premises raised by artists to manufacturers (Grueby and Rookwood Faience) were clear: be tough and with ability to be durable over time, facing aggressive and continuous cleaning.

In placing this tile as lining New York subway, was followed by other performances in London Underground, Paris, etc., that eventually they turned this small tile 10 × 20 cm with a bevel around its perimeter, one of icons of ceramic world.

characteristics to continue falling in love and specifies and designers of white ceramic subway tile are its simplicity, elegance and strength. Highlights include a great personality accentuated by its rectangular format and identifying perimeter bevel.

If we focus on uses made throughout his life, without its main use in early twentieth century in subway, we could emphasize its majority use in kitchens and bathrooms. However, in recent years white ceramic subway tile has been a new explosion in world of interior, leaving these areas and flooding others had ever thought colonize.

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