Fantastic Off White Subway Tile Bathroom

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Off white subway tile – traditional white subway tile is known, painted subway tiles, most original and stylish, and now subway tiling patchwork. result? A gentle blend of styles and colors, where contemporary mixes with old. Of course, we love on one wall to avoid overload and favors bathroom as a place of fantasy. Completely redesigned, subway tile is not recognized than by its unusual rectangular format.

For a bathroom “neutral” and timeless, focus is on off white subway tile.┬áNote of fantasy and will click on link of details that make difference: instead of opting for a bright white square tiles or white tiles speckled, bet on a subway white tiles which will give all instead originality and yet retain a certain sobriety. For further customization of space, we prefer hip bath with minimalist contemporary bath. Enough to give a retro charm to bathroom!

base gives rhythm to decoration and can even enlarge height. To create it, painting is not only solution, especially in a bathroom. By painting upper and installing off white subway tile in lower part, you get relief and dynamism in your home. For more originality, bet on a colored subway tile or reflections. This will give more character to all and will give you opportunity to bring color into room otherwise. In addition, rectangular shape of tiles increases linearity wider space.

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