Factors That Influence Your Portable Dog Fence Selection

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Portable Dog Fence Panels

Portable Dog Fence – Many options are available for you in choosing how to keep a dog in your yard. The size and type of your dog is the main factor in choosing a fence. Fences that can be used to keep your pet in your yard include aluminum, concrete and masonry walls, ornamental, picket, privacy, post and rail, and PVC fencing. Smaller dogs will need a lower fence height than larger dogs.

With a smaller dog, the space or open area of the fence must be smaller than a bigger dog. Larger dogs will need a stronger fence and are not easily pushed or moved. With a choice of fences, you must strengthen the area to keep your dog in the yard, one of which is portable dog fence. Galvanized bricks, concrete or mesh under picket or post fence and fence may be needed to keep your dog from digging the way to freedom.

Instant, wireless, invisible and electric fences are specifically designed to keep your dog in his yard. A wire is usually buried beneath the surface of the ground and sends sound or physical warnings to pets when they approach the wire. A combination of physical fences and instant fences can be used. For example, you can set up a chain link together with portable dog fence.


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