Extend The Life Of Your Post And Rail Fence

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Post And Rail Fence Repair

Post And Rail Fence – It’s not just a cliché that a good fence can be a good neighbor! So do you have a new fence this summer? This is the time to do some things that will add more life to your fence. Only a little work now will pay you back in the long run. Doing it before ice is important. If you have a wooden fence that is treated with special pressure, treatment now will save you headaches in the future.

Do you or the installer post and rail fence compress your post after installation? Missing this important step can result in loosening posts and collecting water at the base of the post. The method I like is a small 10 lb hammer. And two-four lengths. If tamping is missed, do it now. Hit the ground around the fence post with a sled or sled that is applied to the two-four. Don’t damage the goal base with a sled. This can damage the post.

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Practice this technique in your post and rail fence parents or on a local vacant lot if you are not used to a big hammer. Wear safety shoes, wearing good work gloves can help prevent blisters in your hands if you have a lot of tamping to do. Compacting and compressing the soil around the base increases wind resistance. Look around your neighborhood; I’m sure you will find examples offences that lean after only a few seasons of weather. Always add one or two inches of soil around the base to ensure water flows.


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