Excellent Storage Cabinet Ikea

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Bath Storage Cabinet Ikea

Storage cabinet ikea – Decorating a storage cabinet is an excellent way to add aesthetic appeal to a functional piece. Most storage enclosures are rectangular in shape and offer classic lines that can easily be decorated to meet your design goals. From storage cabinet in unfinished basement will give you a blank canvas with a lot of potential to decorate.

A simple coat of paint can make a big difference in making a storage cabinet ikea best fits mood of your space, but painting is more than just about choosing a color that matches your decor. Color can be used to make piece stand out or blend in, depending on your preferences. In addition to painting your storage cabinet a game or complementary to your basement color, you can try using multiple colors, creating a base and accent color, or paint stripes of different shades of same Color.

Mix fine-grained sand in paint and paint storage cabinet ikea using mixture for another way to add texture. This will create a cabinet that is interesting to look at and touch. You can also try to paint cabinet in same color bands, one in a matte finish, and other with an alternating glossy finish. Resulting design is a textured look that plays with light in room.

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