Excellent Ikea Storage Drawers

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Ikea Storage Drawers 3

IKEA storage drawers – A storage cabinet 3 drawers is an excellent response to the problems associated with the organization of storage elements. Whether you use it for the garage or at home, creating their own storage cabinet 3 drawer lets you make the most of the available space. You also have control over the size of the drawers, making a cabinet that fits your particular needs.

The construction is simple, and the use of wood as a construction material, l you will be able to create your cabinet with common carpentry tools and basic carpentry skills. Use your dimensions provided to cut the wood for the required sizes. You will need a backboard, side parts, the bottom and top boards and wood comprising the IKEA storage drawers. After cutting, sanding smooth edges

Mount drawer slides with screws on the sides of the cabinet, focused on each drawer is placed. Make sure the sliding doors to the exact same height on each side so the drawers slide evenly mounted. Mount the cabinet, joining the back piece with a side piece, using a carpenter’s square to ensure the pieces are joined at right angles and fixing parts using 4.3 inch coated nails. Continue to mount the cabinet to join the top and bottom of the housing and the remaining part. Constructing ikea storage drawers using the same process, and a mounting sliding drawer sides. Place drawer handles, and slide the drawer in the closet. You can finish the cabinet with a wood stain, a wood veneer or leave unfinished using a wood sealer to protect the natural look of wood.

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