Elegant Ikea Wine Storage

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Hanging Ikea Wine Storage

IKEA wine storage – In here, we have ideas that will serve you so you have your own shelf or wine cellar. Many times we believe that wine collecting is for people with lots of money and lots of space in their homes. This is completely false, because with a little imagination can achieve this goal. A wine rack or a small cellar, how’s that we will then give you a very elegant social area of ​​your home

We conclude with the idea of ​​a sober but elegant IKEA wine storage oak designed exclusively for wines. A small electrical cava, a table to serve and uncork; the left side to hang upside down glasses; the rest to locate up to fifty bottles. This may be a more expensive proposition and requires more space than before. But if you are fans of viniculture I think they like an idea like this.

One we see very often in bars and that looks great is mirrors on the wall. Open an opening in the wall and build there a ledge with tapestry of mirrors for wines. Thus, the space will be a feeling of infinity and as many bottles. This style looks very elegant and does not consume space, so it looks good even in the smallest house.

With an old style and rustic wood fittings, ikea wine storage Furniture cava is a style that I endured for years. It looks good if your home has a rustic or industrial style. The advantages are its durability (if it lasted 100 years, can last another 100 more) and can be achieved second in flea markets. The disadvantage is that it uses much more space than the furniture presented in the above ideas.

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