Elegance Parquet Flooring Tiles

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Indoor Parquet Flooring Tiles

Parquet flooring tiles – The parquet is a natural material that gives off an authentic and genuine presence, along with a remarkable elegance and sophistication. Even to wear over time, will acquire an air of antiquity and rusticity highly appreciated, and sometimes intentionally sought.

Parquet flooring tiles being a good insulator retains heat, so if we live in places rather cold weather, these soils keep the temperature and provide a warm feeling we can feel on the soles of our feet deslcazos. Finally, wood offers some hardness and durability, although vulnerable to scratches and bumps, can be easily repaired by sanding and refining of imperfections.

Parquet flooring tiles is flooring consisting of several layers of wood bonded together. The top layer is visible and hardwood covered several layers of varnish. The intermediate layer is formed by sheets of other less noble wood, conifer mainly pine or fir, transversely positioned to ensure the cohesion of the whole. It is reinforced by the third base layer formed by a tablet conifer with straight grain. The thickness of the assembly usually round 14-15 mm, of which only about 2.5 to 4 millimeters correspond to the top layer, the one that can subsequently be sanded or stabbed.

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