Effortless White Washed Furniture

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White washed furniture has been around for hundreds of years. It creates an old historic atmosphere on the walls, furniture and even brick. Whitewash paint is usually made of lime and water, although sometimes plaster or molasses is added. Whitewash paint will create a thick layer of plaster; the texture can vary depending on preferences. Whitewash paint can irritate the skin and can be harmful to furniture and other objects nearby, so cover or move whatever is in the way. Wipe surfaces and sand if necessary.

Always test paint colors or the mixture of lime to ensure satisfactory results. Use a piece of cardboard to test white washed furniture. Just add water if the consistency is too thick. Allowing some of the bare wall or wood to show through the wall will give a rustic look. Keep in mind that whitens the wall is not the same as painting the wall; laundry is like a cross between painting and plastering.

White washed furniture adds interest and character to one of the pieces of furniture, kitchen cabinets, molding, white picket fence or walls. With the proper tools and additives, it can easily be accomplished. Bleaching is naturally white, but for a more modern approach, latex paint can be incorporated into the mixture to a stripping or color glazed effect.

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