Easy Tile That Looks Like Wood Floors

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Sometimes we consider tile that looks like wood floors as conventional and well structured, typical of a classic or rustic decor, but not modern. However, we can give a new look to the hardwood floors with a simple task: painting them on a very personal and contemporary style.

There are many styles of painting that can give simple tile that looks like wood floors. We can make imitation finishes ceramic, marble, stone and tile, or give it a modern style vinyl faux finish .Before painting, let it dry as the fixer, think of the design that will have your floor. You can make the stencil technique (using stencils or molds) or create a linear or geometric pattern, using of adhesive tapes under contact to demarcate the “tiles” or patterns to follow. Remember if you want to degraded, should apply the first color, then drying retardant, and then the next color, without letting it dry in between.

Ready tile that looks like wood floors let it dry for at least half a day. Then apply the protective lacquer coating can be matte, satin or gloss, to your taste, always applying it to exterior or flooring, to have better resistance to traffic footsteps. Apply two to three coats of varnish, leaving dry well between them.

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