Easy Painting Particle Board Furniture Cabinet

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Painting particle board furniture cabinet – A number of factors probably went into selection of particle board cabinets. Price and appearance were among them. You may also like color and finish. As with all things owners choose for their kitchens and bathrooms, you get tired of cabinets over time. Particle board is a slightly more significant than wood cabinet’s commitment. It cannot be sanded and varnished with new stain. Only way to finished particle board is paint.

Remove all of doors of cabinet boxes with a screwdriver. Sand cabinets lightly with fine grit sandpaper. Avoid trying to remove old finish. Light sanding will create some texture on surface of cabinets. Texture allows primer to cabinets grip. Roll on first with a roll of soft foam. A soft foam roller will create a smooth, even finish. Paint corners and hard to reach areas with a brush. Apply one or two coats of primer. Allow primer to dry for four to six hours.

Paint their cabinets or latex enamel. Portions of cabinet cannot reach with a roller brush. Follow with a foam roller for flat portions of frame cabinet doors and drawers. Apply several thin layers of painting particle board furniture to create most durable finish. Allow each coat to dry to touch before applying next. Let final coat dry overnight.

Apply a coat of polyurethane to protect final painting particle board furniture. Polyurethane helps prevent scratches and prevent paint to jump in time. Use a foam roller to apply protective layer. Small bubbles on surface of above first applied layer may occur. Bubbles disappear after a few minutes.

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