Draw Granados Pokémon For Adds Your Pokemon Room Decor

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Pokemon Room Decor –  The steps are you must draw a set of long parallel lines curves that are close together until they meet in a V shape, at the end of the tail Gyarados’. Second Create curved segments between the two lines both horizontally and vertically. They are making the body segments and the belly of the dragon sea. Draw the pattern on every point as oval section.

The next step to  adds your pokemon room decor good is draw a large oval-shaped to large open end of Granados to serve as chief. In the front part of the head, to make a V-shaped mouth which opens to about 90 degrees? Outline mouth a second time for the lips; add small V-shaped teeth and a tongue oval. After that on the lips, draw a nose-shaped M and raised small nostrils shaped indent.

Fifth Use sharp V shapes to create the eyes, fins and cranial crest cheek. Start crest head symmetrically over the nose and make a thin ridge with three points which resembles like two V shapes. On the side of his face, do three more forms V horizontal profile bony face of the monster. Draw flippers face Granados’ so that they appear to attribute just around the lower face bony protrusion. Reuse the similar shape of the face-crest four times along his spine, but give these dorsal fins of a large margin below look like they are connected to the body segments Granados’. The tail ends with a pair of downward pointing V shapes connected with a jagged line W. The last Finish the design with refined details such as the pair of thin mustache hanging from face Granados’ small and students angry in his eyes angled. Paste the results on the wall. Your pokemon room decor is perfecter now.

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