Dragonfly Wall Decor Bedroom

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Dragonfly Wall Decor Bedroom – Dragonflies are beautiful insects that many children look up, so your bedroom a dragonfly sanctuary. Add dragonfly decorations to the walls to complete the effect, and even let the kids help make some of these projects.


Dragonfly Wall Decor Bedroom with image. You must find pictures of dragonflies. You can download and print images of dragonflies in the team. Buy the right size frames and hang pictures on the wall. Make a dragonfly grouping by setting the images in the frames.

Dragonflies’ fabric

Using wire scissors to cut the top two metal hooks. This causes the two sets of wings. Make a clay body for the dragonfly. Insert the pointed ends of each piece of suspension in the body. And Insert two pipes into the clay to form the antennas. Wrap a light fabric on hangers to form the beautiful wings.


Dragonfly Wall Decor Bedroom with quilts. You can hang quilts on the wall as decoration. Find and buy a quilt made as a dragonfly design. Install a hanger bar and quilt hanging quilt at the head of the bed to be used in place of a headboard or hang the blanket on the largest wall of the room.

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