DIY Simple Cube Organizer IKEA

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9 Cube Organizer IKEA

Cube organizer IKEA – The best storage solutions are those that are versatile and help children stay organized on your own. Measure and cut three 14-by-14-inch pieces and two 14 by 13 inch plywood. Match the ends of two pieces of 14-to-14 with sides of 14 – inch pieces of 13-to-14 and glue with wood glue. Hold together while the glue dries. Use five nails to hold each edge at the top and bottom of the hub after the glue dries.

Place the remaining piece 14 by 14 inch plywood on the back of the box for cube organizer IKEA and secure it with glue. Use five nails on each side to ensure that after the glue dries. Fill each nail hole with wood putty, using a spatula, and let dry. Sand the box until smooth. Paint the cubicle of a color that matches the decor of the room in which it is place. Wait until the first coat is dry, and add a second layer if necessary.

Secure the cubicle to the wall by holding in place and drilling through each of the four corners of the rear panel and the wall. Use 2-inch screws equipped with washers to fix the cubicle. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for additional cube organizer IKEA for mounting below, above or beside his first cubicle, if you want additional storage.

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