DIY Installing An IKEA Bathroom Vanity Sink

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DIY  IKEA Bathroom Vanity Sink

IKEA bathroom vanity sink – Bathroom vanity gets a lot of wear and tear and always does not match your desired décor. If you want to give your bathroom a fresh look, consider installing a new vanity. According to the site Danny Lip ford can vanity be special-ordered from home improvement stores and usually come with all the vanity sink and tube assemblies required for the job. This simple DIY project should take a novice no more than two hours from start to finish.

Push the IKEA bathroom vanity sink into place and make sure that the pipes fit into the opening of the back. Slide a stud finds along the wall and Find stud beams. Screw the vanity to the wall by placing the screws on the top and bottom passes through the cabinet and the wall and the stud. Assemble the tap and drain pieces on the sink and set the sink in place on top of the vanity. Set the IKEA bathroom vanity sink with a thin strip of adhesive caulk. According to Danny Lip ford website is the best way to ensure a self-bead using a caulking gun. Attach the water supply lines for pipes, faucet and drain. Let the caulk dry for 24 hours before using vanity.

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