Diy: Cat Proof Fence

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Cat Proof Fence Netting

It has been said that only indoor cats can live more than three times longer than the cats that can freely walk open air. But if your cat keeps trying to sneak me out into the yard and you want to satisfy his curiosity without the risk of letting your cat roam unsupervised, a cat proof fence may be just what you need to keep him safe and happy. Of course, if you already have a fence around the farm, which makes cat-proofing easier.

If not, you must install fencing first. Three fencing works best for cat proof fence, especially when it comes time to remove cat-proofing. The fence must be at least 6 feet high. Next, take a look. Are any trees near the existing fence? In that case, this could present a problem. You need to leave the cat out of the tree either or prevent access from the tree to the other side of the fence.

You can install metal plates of the cat proof fence and capping top of the fence with PVC pipes. Or you can install a sprinkler system along the top of the fence. Since most cats have water, some of sprits can keep you in the yard. And you have the added bonus to keep your patio cooler in the summer. Of course, no matter what method you should try for your personal escape artist, you monitor your cat inside the farm for the first few days make sure the plan works.

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