Design Loft Bunk Beds To My Princess

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Flower Design Loft Bunk Beds

Few days I saw the son of my friend Ana ago hallucinated the new loft bunk beds that they had bought their parents, and with good reason! A bunk bed while medieval castle to play with his brother and pals to the cabins. This is FLEXA furniture, a Danish company able to dream of children and parents, as their furniture is fun for our children while functional for dads.

They have several combinations so they can be growing hand in hand with our children, you can start with a simple low bed, loft bunk beds for 3 with slide, bed upstairs and castle below, or cave on the bed … or whenever more more bed and desk top down, or turn the bed in chair … as you see with a single bed have 1001 possibilities!!

Who would not have loved to have your own little princess castle? You can have a look on your page web, its products are sold in almost everyone, and that I just moved to Panama, and am looking forward to the store to choose the loft bunk beds to my princess Lucia, good and for me too clear, loll.

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