Design Bunk Beds With Desk

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Elegant Blue Bunk Beds With Desk

In every house there is always a small bedroom we want to get more out either to sleep 2 children or because we lack a study area, and we need to keep in the same dormitory bunk beds with desk. Therefore, this project will show step by step how to make a bed height, but not a cabin but a bed that will optimize the space by putting down a desk or chair. The bed is 1 square and measures 2 meters long x 2 meters high.

The pine finger can be prepared in the form of iron, beam, board or molding. They can be painted or stained according to the decor which has. Strengthen the 4 pillars of bunk beds with desk to make them thicker and not to bow weight.

This is done by joining in pairs 8 pine finger pieces 10 x 200 cms cold glue, leave pressing 3 hours until the adhesive dries. To make bunk beds with desk the first surface piercings mark a line to 4 cms singing from the edge measuring 3.5 cms for the first bore and 13.5 for the second. These perforations are for the drum and the pin are made with 10 mm drill


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