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Decorative wall vent covers – Usually there is a nice house ventilation, let alone in the kitchen. Cooking is identical to the kitchen where we could breathe contaminated air. In the kitchen of smoke and toxic gases which can be harmful to health occurs. Installation of ventilation, air renew and to prevent moisture. When implementing housing reform, we must consider the bathroom and kitchen should have air holes or natural ventilation. Despite having the windows in this room, we need a good air flow through the vents.

Therefore, they must take the appropriate decorative wall vent covers in any kitchen, whether we have an installation of natural gas, butane gas or boiler. All kitchens have to ventilate them for proper air flow and ventilation. Design draft ventilation through the vent and exhaust duct, it is important to remove gases and odors, facilitate the exchange of air and reduce the risk of humidity or condensation.

Decorative wall vent covers this naturally without mechanical elements. Ventilation is based on the installation of ventilation in the various parts of your home. This venting serves to evacuate odors concentrated in certain rooms of our house. Usually they slipped to third bottom and in the top third of the wall and their measurement ranges from about 15 × 15 cm.


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