Creative Queen Platform Bed With Storage

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Queen Platform Bed With Storage Ideas

Queen platform bed with storage – Storage is a problem in many bedrooms, especially in small spaces. When you are faced with increasing storage space in your room, think about how you can work creative solutions to design and decor to create a system that is both attractive and functional.

Replace your bed frame and headboard in a small room, with a platform bed that can double as a queen platform bed with storage system. Build or buy a simple platform bed that has a hollow interior and a lid that lifts or slipping. Add recessed shelves on the sides of the platform to create space for books or other decorative objects. Before you put your mattress on the platform, store unsightly objects and things you use often on the inside.

Wardrobe is often overlooked as queen platform bed with storage solutions. Place the fabric skirts to the small table for hidden storage, or create a design statement and storage solution in a stacked item. View a collection of vintage suitcases and hat boxes by stacking them on both sides of the bed and use the interior as storage. Create your bedside table; you can match them to your bed height for increased functionality.

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